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Star Wars: How Did Yoda Know about the Rule of Two?

In Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Yoda talks about the Sith's Rule of Two: "Two there are/no more/no less/One to embody the power/the other to crave it."

But after reading Bane trilogy and the Plagueis novel, not to mention seeing the awesome trailer for Clone Wars Season 5, it makes me wonder how did Yoda know what the rule of two was, since it was instituted by Darth Bane after the Jedi and most of the galaxy thought that all of the Sith had been wiped out a 1,000 years before TPM? For most of Sith history, there had been multiple Sith, so the new rule was a radical departure that Yoda shouldn't have been privy to.

Anyone have any insight on why Yoda would know, or has there been something written explaining how he found out about the rule?
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