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Re: I survived pm-ing William Shatner

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Right. The chances that the actual Shatner was on a social messaging site are so remote ... the majority of "celebs" who have pages aren't really run by them. They are handled by PR firms, assistants, volunteers, or people who are paid to do it. It's like calling a "Studio Fan Mail" preprint an autograph.
You're telling me he pays people to pass themselves off as him? No, it was him I'm pretty sure. I don't think he would have answered no matter what I said. I think most understand that Bill Shatner simply doesn't want to be bothered by his fans anymore. I mean how much do you really have to put out stamina-wise to tap a few keys and give someone a short acknowledgment? I would have been thrilled to no end with a quick "Hi sport! Go kiss a girl." According to his webmaster Shatner was pi$$ed off with "do you read?". But seriously, why get mad when you're not gonna answer somebody irregardless? I am well aware that Mr. Shatner has probably heard enough about Star Trek to last him a millennium but still, it made his fortune. As far as I'm concerned the man can retire whenever it suits as to not be bothered by all us pesky fans any longer. One of the FB members who found my choice of words quite understandable remarked to me that if I had said that I wanted to donate a million dollars to the HCHS, Shatner would have jumped outta my monitor at me.
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