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Re: is star trek DS9 best star trek series

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TNG had continuity alright just not such grand story arcs or DS9's rich structure. Ironically TNG was more of a closed-in show than DS9 was since TNG was confined to the ship and all the main characters were confined to it as where most of the secondary characters.

Whereas in DS9 you had Quark going to Ferenginar, Kira sometimes visiting Bajor, Odo and the Great Link, plus a whole of other secondary characters. I just felt DS9 got to visit many more worlds and seemed to visualize them better than TNG did.
Well TNG definitely visited more worlds, you can't deny that being there was almost literally a new alien every other week. But DS9 fleshed those worlds out.

In TNG the Ferengi were just after profit, the Cardassians were another generic bad guy and the Bajorians just a race of refugees. While all true, DS9 explored what -really- makes the Ferengi society tick and the holes in their philosophy. The Cardassians became a hugely complicated race, that was almost sympathetic at times as to why their became expansionalist and the Bajorians became a complicated and diverse people with many different facets both religious and political.

Also, TNG was more episodic and limited to that. You literally could reorder the vast majority of TNG's episodes just on whim and it really wouldn't impact much. The big points like the Borg episodes, Worf's Klingon arc and the such you'd have to keep roughly where they are, but for the most part it is fly off and deal with random problem of the week and never see/hear from it again.
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