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Re: The recycled footage of BOP exploding in Generations

I actually didn't mind the recycle of the Bird of Prey explosion that much. How many angles do we need to see a ship blowing up from after all?

What annoyed me about the battle was their apparent need to technobabble a solution. Personally I thought it would be more exciting to see the Enterprise fight it's way out of this conventionally rather than do the whatever make them cloak thing. You only saw them fire at the Bird of Prey once before they turn around and start running away.

One assumes that the Bird of Prey is probably faster at sublight speeds so that seems a strategy doomed to failure. If they really wanted to reduce the BoP's rate of fire, they should have just flown Enterprise right at the BoP. It's have to turn aside to avoid being hit, and while it's doing so and remanuvering into another firing postion, it's not shooting at the E-D since it has no rear or side weaponry. The E-D could be pummeling it non-stop with phaser fire to eventually wear it down.
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