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Re: The Top 40 Male Film Lead Actors of all Time

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What's a little confusing is that the original post seems to conflate several different things: movie star, leading man, screen icon, great actor, and action hero. And while there may be a select few individuals who are all of the above, those are overlapping categories, not one thing.
That is what makes it a tougher list to make. Which is fun.

Anyway, here is my list of 40 listed alphabetically by first name.

1 Al Pacino
2 Arnold Schwarzenegger
3 Bill Murray
4 Bruce Willis
5 Cary Grant
6 Charlie Chaplin
7 Charlton Heston
8 Clint Eastwood
9 Daniel Day-Lewis
10 Denzel Washington
11 Dustin Hoffman
12 Eddie Murphy
13 Fred Astaire
14 Gene Kelly
15 George Clooney
16 Glenn Ford
17 Harrison Ford
18 Henry Fonda
19 Humphrey Bogart
20 Jack Lemmon
21 Jack Nicholson
22 Jackie Chan
23 James Cagney
24 James Stewart
25 Jerry Lewis
26 John Wayne
27 Kirk Douglas
28 Laurence Olivier
29 Marlon Brando
30 Paul Newman
31 Peter O'Toole
32 Richard Burton
33 Robert DeNiro
34 Robert Redford
35 Sean Penn
36 Sidney Poitier
37 Spencer Tracy
38 Steve McQueen
39 Sylvester Stallone
40 Tom Hanks
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