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Re: VOY Caption This 87; A Wise Man Once Said...

Thanks for the win!

Neelix: Oh Mr Vulcan, this reminds me of the time... Mr Vulcan?
Tuvok: (Please make it stop! Make it stop!)

Neelix: I've never seen anything like it!
Tuvok: Nor have I.
Janeway: It's called reality TV. I can see it making a comeback.

Judge: It is my ruling that the Doctor is sentient. Furthermore, it is the ruling of this court that he is awarded the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all priv--
Kim: You got to be kidding me, the hologram gets promoted before me?!

Tuvok: Mr Neelix, let me tell you an ancient Vulcan proverb. You can take this and shove it up your ass.

Chakotay: Should I be trying to pull the glass switch when you're not looking?
Janeway: Don't worry, I poisoned both and gave myself the antidote.
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