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Re: The Top 40 Male Film Lead Actors of all Time

STJ wrote:

''Douglas Fairbanks
Lon Chaney
Rudolph Valentino
Alec Guiness
William Powell
Edward G. Robinson
Gregory Peck
Burt Lancaster
Charles Laughton
Kenneth Branagh

I don't think anyone's thought of these candidates!''

You are right and my case, anyway. Between one and nine of them DID make it. But who......who?

McQueen may be the greatest actor with the smallest range. Anyone ever notice his facial similarity to Robert Reed's? I'm not even going to claim Schwarzenegger is a legitimate actor as his range is, um....unseen so far, but culturally he is justifiable and his talent for laughable line-delivery at least is unparallelled. Two examples from PREDATOR and TOTAL RECALL prove this theory:

''Hawkin!! Have Blain check tha peremitah and ron-day-voo at tha station house NOW!!!''

''Vy are yoo DOOING diss, Lori??''

My least favorite of his dialogue comes at the beginning of THE RUNNING MAN:

''Tell him to turn off da signal or it's all our heads!!''

The words were fine. It was his whining tone that killed my appreciation for the film's many remaining nuances.

Like Admiral M says, lots of us will be choosing identical icons in the end, but it's the order you choose them that will create tension before the inevitable triumphant freeze-frame and end credits. Still, 40 won't get everybody great in the door. My list is as subjective as anyone's and my true favorites are being saved for its final 17 picks. All I can say is the 1910s won't be represented but the 2000s may be.
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