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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I agree! Although, I do feel that Voyager lost the ensemble-part somewhere during season 5, where it felt like it was mostly Seven, The Doctor and Janeway.
That's because Seven and the Doctor were the breakout characters -- the most popular by far with audiences, and as I remarked above, the easiest ones for writers to come up with good stories about. The other characters, frankly, just weren't as rich or interesting by that point. They'd all long since settled into their relationships (except the evolving Paris/Torres romance), and whatever early conflicts they'd had based on their differing origins and ideologies had long since faded.

Chakotay actually did manage to remain in a strong fourth-place position, having nearly as many focus episodes in the last four seasons as the Doctor did, although he was somehat sidelined in season 6. Torres and Paris remained moderately prominent since their developing relationship gave the writers something to work with. It was really only Tuvok, Kim, and Neelix who got the short end of the stick; of the 103 episodes in seasons 4-7 (counting "Endgame" as one), Tuvok was the primary focus in only 10, and Neelix and Kim in half a dozen each.
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