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Re: The Top 40 Male Film Lead Actors of all Time

It sounds like Downey, Jr. (assuming he invented the Wood rumor) was engineering some ONION-style humor. I can appreciate that. (Makes my OP less WTF in a way, so the pressure's off me.) Even Christopher Walken was alleged to have said ''Look.....people drown all the time.''

For me, Wood's best moment as an actress were the last two minutes of WEST SIDE STORY. As good as REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE is, I wasn't as taken with her character in that, nor her all-time-best unforgettable roles in METEOR, THE CANDIDATE or BRAINSTORM. Meaning even if Bujold hadn't obliterated my top 40 all-time-best actresses, Wood wouldn't finalize them.

JTW wrote:

''This is a subject that I'd enjoy engaging in, but making it into a days-long, one-name-at-a-time project pretty much kills my interest.''

He's right, dammit. Time for responsive action.

39. Spencer Tracy
38. Steve McQueen

Funny thing is, I'm not even a Tracy fan. He picks sharper projects than most, however. I'm a fan of his Stanley Kramer productions especially.

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