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I personally dislike people with grand visions i like if everyone has his own little vision and it can pursue it. Just to avoid misunderstandings i dont think he is a horrible person based on what Fox says expect for Stossel who does some decent stuff. I am basing my opinion on other left and right sources like the

Does Obama really has a vision? What kind of vision?
If everyone has a vision, then there's no direction. Everyone just takes off in their own direction. A good leader has a big vision, then extends his hand to you and says, "Come with me, this will be good". I get that vibe from Obama. I don't get it from McCain, Palin, certainly not Bush or, tbh, Kerry (I thougth Kerry was ok, but not a visionary). Obama has the vision, but a lot of shit, like the GFC, have got in the way, why don't the Right ever give any credit that it couldn't have been a lot worse, frankly, under Bush or Romney - those guys would just close everything.
1984? We're way beyond that!
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