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I'm having a blast. It really is like visiting an old friend after many years. They're the same person in general, but have been altered, sometimes in surprising ways, by their newer experiences.

This would have been worth it just for the new tram ride AFAIC.
That's pretty much how I feel. I spent the whole tram ride rushing from window to window so I could catch glimpses of everything new. And then I spent the next 10 minutes giggling like a schoolboy throwing books and telephones at the scientists (and yes, I pressed the alarm and ruined the microwave. Apparently there was a laptop I missed though, I'll have to get that on the next run).

Also, took me a while to figure out what the flares were for!

One niggle is that the crowbar does feel a bit odd.
And the sign said, "Long haired freaky people need not apply..."
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