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Re: Anyone else looking forawrd to Guild Wars 2?

Sorry guys for not reporting back sooner.


I'm at level 52 with my female human guardian now, and thus far it's been fantastic. I've spent most of my time in PvE just exploring. I can't believe how fun it is just doing that, I haven't had this much fun exploring since I played "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" in '98. All the races are awesome. The Skritt are hilarious and the Quaggans are incredibly charming.

Tried some sPvP yesterday for the first time since release. Played a bit with my build (which you can do in the lobby without paying any ingame currency btw) and found a really good one for my Guardian for sPvP. Ended up owning with my brother for most of the eight matches we played. WvWvW is great, but I haven't played a huge amount since release I have to admit. Mostly because there was some balancing issues to start with, but that's been handled now.

I've also filled my all my character slots, did that pretty quickly to have some decent names for them. I currently have:

-Female Azura Elementalist
-Female Sylvari Engineeer
-Male Charr Ranger
-Male Norn Thief

Thus far I've enjoyed playing with of them, but my Guardian is definitely my main.
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