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Re: Does the Federation still exist in the 31+th century?

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KingDaniel - if you're watching the episode, care to quote Daniels' exact line about the number of federation members? - it's not timeline specific. On the other hand, it's specific regarding the relative number of members.
ARCHER: The Federation. You've mentioned them before.
DANIELS: Vulcans, Andorians, Ithanites (sp?), Klingons. Dozens of species, including humans. All unified in a powerful alliance.
Coming back to this, it's not clear what year Daniels is speaking of, but the Federation would at that time be including the Klingons. This would place it sometime after Nemesis.

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As for the size of the Federation: Daniels' line leaves a lot of room. There are, AFAIK, about 150 members of the Federation in TOS' time.
150 in Picard's time, there no figure at all for Kirk's time, for all we know the Federation membership during TOS could have reached several hundred members and then gradually fell to the 150 member figure.

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The number 155 refers to member species, not worlds.
Kind of what I took from Picard's statement, over 150 species. Or species "home worlds."

LILY: How many planets are in this Federation?
PICARD: Over one hundred and fifty
It difficult to reconcile Picard's figure (and the novel-verse's 155) with Daniels "dozens." True, thirteen dozens is the quoted number, but it seems a ackward way of expressing it. Daniels is apparently saying that the Federation in the beyond Nemesis future is considerably smaller than in Picard's time.

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... but I can't imagine that Federation Membership could be based on anything else. You can't base it on species, after all
Problem is ... that isn't what we saw. Amanda wasn't a Vulcan-woman, she was a Earth-woman, this is how her son referred to her. Amanda never became a "Vulcan," even though she (apparently) lived on Vulcan since before Spock's birth and was married to a Vulcan.

Deanna Troi's Human father was never referred to as a Betazed, even through he lived on the planet, and he was married to a Betazed.

So was Amanda represented in the Federation Council by the representative of her Human species, or the representative of world of her birth, or the representative of world she happen to be living on?

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