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Re: 7X03 A Town Called Mercy (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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EMH, Tomalak301, and Skywalker agree that Browder was wasted, but he was the catalyst for the story's whole climax. His death forced the Doctor to confront Isaac's assertion that he and Jex were "both good men who just forget it sometimes." America, he told us, is a land of second chances, and they call the town 'Mercy' for a reason. By entrusting the Doctor with protecting the town, he indirectly helped the gunslinger find his own redemption. Browder's character filled in all the exposition necessary to understand the points of the story: mercy, second chances, and redemption.

I love Ben Browder, but while he didn't get enough screen time, his every word mattered.
Certainly his character was hugely important, but I was just hoping for more screen time for him, that's all. Browder did well with the role, though. Honestly, I could have done without the Ponds at all here and given some of their screen time to Isaac, expand on him some more and make him more of the 'companion' of the episode.
This I think is what I meant when I said Browder was wasted. I agree, he had a hell of an impact, but it felt like the last two weeks I was the only one in this forum making a big deal that Ben Browder was going to be in the episode. Hell, I was the one who said forget the 50th anniversary, Ben Browder is coming back to TV. Yeah I admit I was overreacting, but I loved Farscape and I loved John Crichton (Still think he one of the best "heroes" to ever grace the screen) and it felt like around fandom and even advertising the episode, his appearance was an afterthought. Maybe Browder isn't as well known as I thought he was (Didn't he get his start on Party of 5?) but I was really looking forward to his appearance and it felt short.

Still, I do agree with you, Psion, that he did serve the story's climax and was important.
Aaaah, well then, in that sense I can't help but agree with you! I'd love to see Browder get another regular genre role on television. He was magnificent in Farscape, and while his stint in Stargate: SG1 felt a bit off to me, he was still a lot of fun there, as well. Honestly, in the best of all worlds, Browder would have wound up as a companion for a few weeks ... or maybe a recurring villain.
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