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Re: 7X03 A Town Called Mercy (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

EMH, Tomalak301, and Skywalker agree that Browder was wasted, but he was the catalyst for the story's whole climax. His death forced the Doctor to confront Isaac's assertion that he and Jex were "both good men who just forget it sometimes." America, he told us, is a land of second chances, and they call the town 'Mercy' for a reason. By entrusting the Doctor with protecting the town, he indirectly helped the gunslinger find his own redemption. Browder's character filled in all the exposition necessary to understand the points of the story: mercy, second chances, and redemption.

I love Ben Browder, but while he didn't get enough screen time, his every word mattered.

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One thing, can we please not call the Ponds his in-laws? It's not as if that was a real wedding?
Why not? For time travelers who are used to various dimensions, they are used to doing things differently than everyone else. And they both believe they are married. What more does one need?

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I noticed a few fun production glitches. One scene has what I think was Alcazaba of Almerķa visible in the background. That's a castle built by Moors in the 10th century. A neat setting in its own right for Doctor Who, but one that shouldn't be visible from anywhere in North America. Then, in a neighboring shot, the desert trail the Doctor was riding along was blurred out ... presumably to hide the tracks of off-road bikes or something.
My favorite "glitch" of this episode had to be a little boo-boo between scenes. Cyborg is coming through the town. Various characters are running around and they have Chakotay's tattoo drawn on. The Doctor is in the bar, getting his own. The barmaid has drawn only the one straight line above his eyebrow when the mini-explosion draws his attention.

The cyborg goes into the church. The Doctor rushes outside. The next time we get a good, clear shot of his face, he now has the full Chakotay.

So with the boom boom happening, he rushes back inside, has the barmaid carefully construct the rest of the tatt, then rushes back outside?

Or do we call this an oopsie?
Yes! I caught that, too! I can't tell if he had the full tattoo when he came out of the bar and told Jex to, "Go! Just Go! I can't save them while you're here." I wonder if this was an editing issue and something was excised from the episode that would have given the barmaid and the Doctor time to finish the artwork.

On the other hand, he was planning to get the tattoo after soniking the gunslinger, so I don't think it was supposed to take a lot of time. Maybe she finished the rest in the few seconds after the attack on the church started.
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