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I survived pm-ing William Shatner

Mr. Shatner is currently engaged in his one-man show Shatner's World which we all know. His web site WilliamShatner dot com has been languishing for quite some time due to chronic inactivity. The same members kept posting loyally but apathy still set in. It couldn't have hurt if Mr. Shatner had been willing to post there a little bit more often...but he didn't. I myself was booted from the Shatner forums over a year ago for trashing JJ Abrams' star trek film. Shatner's webmaster is a good guy if a bit too authoritarian. In the shadow of a fading website Shatner's webnaster has created the official Group on Facebook. Shatner's webmaster allowed me to join and I was determined to prove his new faith in me would be well-founded. William Shatner has been interacting frequently with the new FB members and I figured a good time to catch him actually online would be the late nite hours. I had guessed right. Following my hunch several nights ago I pm-ed the great man himself. Not really knowing he was online but my short message was sent...but not with the desired result hoped for. First let me ask, what does one say to a living legend and an icon on a computer late at nite? I suppose I should have kept it simple and benign beyond question with something like "Hi Bill, are you there?" or "Just wanna say hello, Mr Shatner"...but I didn't. I got creative. Rather I thought to address Mr. Shatner as if I were hailing him over a communicator. I suppose referring to him merely as "shat" may have struck him as perhaps me being a trifle too familiar with him. It may also not have been helpful that my message ended with "do you read?" Mr. Shatner was his webmaster informed me later the next day. Out I am again. Quite honestly, I don't think Mr. Shatner would have answered me no matter what I had sent.
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