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Re: female audience reaction to Seven of Nine

Now in fairness, as a music/theatre major I didn't really get bothered by the catsuit (well except for the heels) as I wore sometimes much less. And my sister was a gym coach her job she wore clothes as tight as a cat suit, just not as much. Because tight supporting clothing does actual make some things much easier.

Really outside of the heels and look at the TNG costumes, no pockets, no belts, you aren't supposed to see how things like phasers or the communicators attach to the clothing. Even the regular Voyager Out fit, really didn't provide things like belts, pockets, to be practical. So from the character's point of view whats the major difference between a skin tight outfight and one thats loser, but without any additional practical benefits? We don't really see the crew drooling after each other very often, not that I think it would even factor into her choice.

Comfort? She had her body covered with multiple cyber implants, I think the difference between a cat suit and the standard crew uniform wouldn't be that significant. In fact I actually good see someone in that frame actually liking wearing something a little more form fitting, something thats more connected to the skin.

Of course for the viewer, its meant to show off an attractive and endowed women.

But for an internal character rational I find (besides the heels, for either uniform) it more logical that she would want form fitting clothes, and as long as she was warm, I don't think she would find it logical to have several layers.

Certainly I was more bothered my T'Pol's outfit (I really liked her off ship jacket outfit), and of course all of ENT's costumes (besides T'Pol's cat suit) were actually functional.
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