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Re: Urban outs the villain. Maybe.

A template doesn't equal a "color-by-numbers" remake.
Well, what are you counting as a "template"? Do you require elements such as Mitchell, the Great Barrier, Kelso, Dr Dehner, a lithium cracking station and Dr Piper all to be in place, or just Mitchell and his friendship with Kirk?

BillJ wrote: View Post
1. JJ Abrams, as the director, would have the final say on the story
Goes without seeing, but he is the one who entrusted Bob Orci with the ongoing supervision of the IDW comics that are leading into the new movie.

and won't ditch a good story because it conflicts with a comic book.
Since Orci is the co-writer of the film and the instigator of the comic's approved storylines, I don't expect him to contradict himself.

2. If it is Mitchell, there will be no mention of the comic book. Directly or indirectly.
If Mitchell is in the film there will be some suggestion of a previous event having occurred. They allowed the comic to seemingly dispose of Mitchell for a reason; it's either setting up something for the new movie or nothing about IDW's "Where No Man..." storyline will conflict with the next film.

If Orci and JJ didn't care what IDW was up to, and were happy to let them run loose, they wouldn't have canned the four novels over at Pocket.

My Name Is Legion wrote: View Post
No one is going to care about 10,000 comic book readers or their "word of mouth."
Ordinarily no, but Orci seems to have a grand plan. Hence the promise of easter eggs.

And why shelve the four tie-in novels if no one cares?
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