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Re: Borg or Dominion??

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In that case, they had Picard, who was supposed to know where the vulnerable spot was somehow, because he was once assimilated.
I know, but that's still really dumb. It still establishes that if people know where to aim (all they have to do is ask old johnny), they can all just shoot in the same place and 5 seconds later the whole cube blows up. All of a sudden the villain is reduced from nearly invulnerable force to a joke.
I agree. Trek can come up with some great ideas, but later add things that just nearly ruins the entire concept.

Picard knowing where to fire was an easy out so they could get to the time travel part of the story.

It was the start of Trek making the Borg weaker, until Voyager came in and did even more damage.

It would be an interesting war to say the least.

The Dominion can breed and replace Jem hadar by the thousands in a matter of days, but the Borg may already have millions of Cubes.

And assimilating millions of people for them only takes minutes.

The Dominion can rapidly build huge fleets of ships so that they can wear the enemy down no matter how well they fight.

But the Borg can regenerate their ships, so they hardly ever get destroyed to begin with.

And (just a guess) each cube is about two times the size of their biggest ship.

The Dominion would spend a huge number of ships just to possibly defeat a single Borg Cube-- ultimately the Borg would wear the Dominion down.

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