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Re: 7X03 A Town Called Mercy (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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First brilliant episode of the new season. Didactic? Yes. Cliche? Yup. But the score was absolutely top notch. First ep of S7 that had me wondering about the resolution. I don't usually go for westerns, but it was a perfect fit for this story. I'm not sure how it will stand up to repeat viewings, but I think that was 45 minutes well spent.
Completely agreed. I thought it was an absolute blast from start to finish, and SO much more cool and interesting than that generic kiddy episode last week.

It looked amazing, the story had some actual depth and mystery to it, and the cyborg gunslinger actually felt like a real and serious threat.

And just watching the Doctor geek out at the Old West was fun as hell. I also thought making the cyborg the new sheriff at the end was pretty inspired too.
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