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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

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The program still being kept a secret is what bugged me after certain points.. they had big ass spaceships in orbit, huge space battles and at one point disappearing skyscrapers from the middle of a city and the world is still believing everything's normal?

Personally i think the premise of the world getting to know all of it could be quite interesting but the way i envision it it may be a bit too serious/political/social commentary in tone to fit in with the rest of the show which is more light weight.
I thought they should at least do a crossover with the X-Files where Scully and Mulder knock on all their doors asking questions, and the entire SG-1 team lies their asses off. You could even make an X Files version of the episode and an SG-1 version of the episode. If nothing else, they could just show it as a special feature at Comic Con as an inside joke.

However with the right writing staff and show runner it could be an interesting look into how the world could adapt when thrust into this.. the initial chaos, the power plays and on top of that some main villain for the action part.
They should've gone there, but didn't, perhaps because of the complexities, or perhaps they didn't want to shake up a successful premise.

However i believe Stargate is dead for the time being as much as Star Trek is dead for TV. It may take a few years more for it to be given any shot at all.
Well, perhaps now the trick is to pitch a version of Stargate that doesn't look like a Stargate rerun. Perhaps watching trends for what's hot or edgy would help, like vampires - Goa'uld are like vampires, and just keep coming up with ideas till something looks feasible.
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