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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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Okay I'm done. Fairly irritated that it finally started getting stargatey and then it was cancelled. I'm wondering if it had started out a little more exciting with aliens and stuff actually happening if the ratings would have been sufficient? Or was there some Stargate fatigue going on?
As with Star Trek, the fatigue was entirely on the part of the powers that were, not the audience. I really hate the coining of the term ''franchise fatigue'' because it allowed Berman era Trek to dismiss the true reasons behind the waning interest in Trek-fatigue over the lackluster writing and stories, and place blame squarely on the shoulders of the audience, too dense to 'get' what the writers are dishing out. And the Gate showrunners, genre fans no different than us, chose to follow that example and blame hostile, disappointed fans rather than own up to the weaknesses that were actually behind the sinking of the ship.
I don't recall Berman ever making that claim. And even if had and he believed it why start Enterprise in the first place. I can't say the audience is entire blameless either, but then in the case of Stargate Universe it was put opposite NCIS: LA one of the top rated shows on the air, instead of the normal summer runs that SG1 and Atlantis enjoyed. Teh breakup of Sci-Fi's Friday night line up is one of the major causes IMO for the demise of Universe. Of course like Star Trek there was no let up between shows, so I do think there's a level of fatgue there.
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