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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

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I still say Nazi Gou'alds is the way to go.
The trouble with Nazi Goa'ulds is that the Nazis were very good at discipline and following orders, but the Goa'uld system lords are very bad at it because of their enormous egos. The show over time humanized the Goa'uld (still evil, but quirky megomaniacal evil with heavy elements of being a big dysfunctional family), as we got to learn their individual personalities instead of focusing on their Jaffa shock troops, and humanizing Nazi leadership wouldn't work out very well.

You could get around that by making the Goa'uld alot colder and more monolithic, but that was the problem with many of Stargate's later super villains like the Wraith or Ori. Instead of a cast of interesting villains who all hate each other, where we could play them off against each other or cleverly exploit the particular quirks of individual Goa'uld, there was just an evil enemy with no real personality to discover beyond a set of plans for taking over the galaxy and lots of spear-carrying footsoldiers.

The Nazi angle would work, but probably not with Goa'uld, who merely seek to rule, exploit, and be worshipped, and rub other Goa'uld's noses in their success. You could try a set of powerful humans who think their destiny is to purge the galaxy of less evolved humans or less advanced humans, viewing orderly control of it as a worthy goal and their birthright, which could create some interesting moral tension with the SGC which views orderly control of it as a worthy goal and humanity's destiny.

ETA: Did you see the recent comedy movie about a Nazi base on the moon?
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