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Re: Best and worst comic book movies

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Most of them were pretty bad until Blade showed you didn't have to use a literal visual approach when adapting these properties to the screen.
Blade is such an underrated flick. Fantastic atmosphere, great soundtrack, great cast, cool characters, other worldly visuals, simple but solid story..

For some reason it is hardly ever mentioned when "best comic book movie" talk comes up. I think people just kind of forgot about it because the character is not as famous as other comic book characters. It's probably the only comic book movie that is actually better than the source material, too. Blade comics were pretty mediocre from what I've heard (never read them though)

Picked up the new US release of it on blu ray (they finally fixed the aspect ratio problem of the first release) and it's held up very well other than a couple of iffy (but passable) late 90s cgi effects at the end.
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