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Re: Urban outs the villain. Maybe.

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To satisfy that 10,000 comic buyers, who are spreading that positive word of mouth, it's highly unlikely Orci would approve a story that duplicates "Where No Man".

Now if Cumberbatch turns up and Kirk says something like, "Gary, my old Academy friend - it's you! But how? We all thought you were dead?" maaaaaybe it would work, because the unseen, offscreen, mysterious past event he is referring to isn't needed for this brand new story about a resurrected friend who suddenly has enough superstrength to battle a Vulcan on the rim of a volcano.
1. JJ Abrams, as the director, would have the final say on the story and won't ditch a good story because it conflicts with a comic book.

2. If it is Mitchell, there will be no mention of the comic book. Directly or indirectly.
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