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Re: 7X03 A Town Called Mercy (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

I went into it with low expectations, being a Western (And my aversion to Westerns), as well as how much I loved AotD and enjoyed DoaS. Ben Browder gave me hope for my enjoyment.

It was actually alright, and I'm glad people who like a different pace, got an episode that wasn't so frenetic. Ben did a good job with what he was given, he didn't "Sing" "John Crichton/Cameron Mitchell" in this, so, that's a bonus for his acting skills. They didn't do much with him, though, and he didn't last very long. I like the character was a departure, and well done, but, I would've liked for Dr. Who to have given him more to do.

I disagree that anyone could've given the "This is what happens when you travel alone too long" speech. It had to be them or River (and she's already given a similar speech in AGMGTW). I'm OK with him popping in once or twice a year taking them on adventures (And I wouldn't be surprised if sometimes he just jumps forward in their timeline a bit to quicken the next visit). It's only another two episodes until their arc is sewn up, so, I'm fine with a couple more random pickups, and as noted earlier by another poster, I do like their cocky attitude about being the experienced Time Travelers who have it all dialed, I wouldn't mind seeing them inheriting a "Sarah Jane" type spin off, actually
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