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Re: Best and worst comic book movies

Dark Knight (Rises) for the actors and story
what story? What actors? The actors are caught in the blinding lights of the script's needlessly complex and nonsensical narrative.. only the least likely character to work, Catwoman, seems fresh and vibrant (I loathed the scenes with her before the film came out, but everything else was so off-point that, oddly enough, she works better than and in spite of the rest of the movie) and sense of dread and paranoia of post 9/11 that carried the also-overcomplicated Dark Knight past plot holes that were just as large is non-existent here, save for the scene with the bridge being destroyed. The film is a too much of a mess to have a story, and the story that it does have is just an excuse to have way too many characters all speaking the most banal lines of dialogue ever. In Batman Begins, the viewer knows at the end when and where the hero and villain come at odds at each other philosophically when Ra's burns his house down. In the Dark Knight the Joker spells it out when he's upside down at the end. In this film, when Batman meets Bane at the end, Bane asks him if he was going to die with the others, and Batman responds "No, I'm going to stop you!!!" (growl)
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