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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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item question?

What are these boxes - cargo pallets/crates things? you get them when you play borg alert, what can i do with these? O yes and computer core fragments? any value in them, or should i just simply itch them for more space in my bank?
Computer Core Fragments are used in a Daily mission, Salvage Dispute, at Donatu II in the Eta Eridani sector. It awards 1,440 Dilithium.

The others look Mystery Package boxes. If you open them, they will contain either a Lock Box or a Gold Lock Box. Those are opened with keys that cost 125 Zen ($1.25 US), or less if you buy them in bulk. You can sell them if you don't want to open them, but they don't go for much, unless they're Gold Lock Boxes, which have a much higher chance of containing the best loot (including unique ships). Most people sell Gold Lock Boxes or open them, and trash regular ones; some people sell the latter for pocket change.
What is the blue colored EPS looking thing?
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