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Re: 7X03 A Town Called Mercy (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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^Guess I'm the only person who likes Amy.
Hardly. Both she and Rory have been some of the most interesting and fun companions on the show, and they're at the top of my list since the restart. Now Rose, she was annoying. Followed closely by Donna. (I still have no idea why she's so popular. Everything about her grates on the nerves.) Martha is the only real contender, but she was a wasted opportunity because of RTD's hard-on for turning her into a lovestruck twit.

That said, the Ponds did have a nice ending last series and they could have easily moved on with new companions after that. But they didn't, and I'm not at all upset about it. In fact, I like the almost cocky attitude they're starting to develop about it; what, being the Doctor's in-laws, experienced time travelers, and so on and so forth.

Heck, the in-laws part is what really makes it work. As much as most men would love to ditch their in-laws on a rock somewhere, they know they'd have hell to pay from their wives the moment they tried. As it stands now, he already tries to keep a good distance from them, only showing up after months and months of down time.
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