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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

Okay I'm done. Fairly irritated that it finally started getting stargatey and then it was cancelled. I'm wondering if it had started out a little more exciting with aliens and stuff actually happening if the ratings would have been sufficient? Or was there some Stargate fatigue going on?

I really enjoyed Common Descent and Epilogue.

The finale was good too.. I'm going to assume that Eli on the observation deck with a grin on his face means he figured out how to fix the pod.

I think one of the shows weaknesses which the improvements of season 2 don't fix is the characters. So many are dull or one note. They ramped up the humor in season 2, the passive aggressive bickering with Brody and Volker was an upbeat addition. While SG;A had one note characters for the first couple seasons at least they were fun in their own way, they were colorful. Here the drabness is just too much, especially with the ship so drab. The arguing between Rush, Young and Wray is tedious, none of the color Rodney brought to bickering. If Rush had just confided in someone to tease us along and think that he had something really exciting in his plans..but no, just lots of terse condescension from all three of them.

Still, might have upped the drama in season 3

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