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Re: Best Audio Book?

OK, so, I have 2 1/2 Iris Episodes left (Commute is about 3/4 of an episode per day) and The Stone Rose, which is 2 Disc BBC(?) 10/Rose story (I got this one and the Steam Punk Tennant/Rose one, before I learned about Big Finish, but, haven't listed to it yet). So, I'll finish up that CD Wallet, and then on to:

Spare parts
The Reaping
The Marian Conspiracy

Then I'll move on to something I already own, like The Harry Potter Books (This will be a few months), or another listen through Gallifrey

Once I get through all that, I intend to have a few more Big Finish Stories in my pocket ready to listen to.

I think I'd like an Arc. Perhaps the Charley/8 Alt Universe Arc or a Sylvester McCoy Arc (Or maybe I'll fall in love with Evelyn/6), or is there any good Arch Villian Arc?
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