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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

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Seriously, I can't take fanboys any less seriously anymore as normaly (doesen't necessarily mean any of you guys but what I've read on the net). It just looks like an updated version of the original... what it is supposed to be. Don't like it, watch the original, it won't change. I'm sick and tired of people dumping on a re-imagination of something just because they want it to be the same. Be happy that something you like will live on. Without change it wouldn't. Simple fact of life.
I don't think change is the problem, here.

I think they changed it into the most generic looking video game armour I see when playing Crysis and Mass Effect.

If you're going to update it, then UPDATE it. Make something fresh and new, like the way the original looked at the time. This design looks lazy to me and brings nothing new or exciting to the table.
This is an excellent response. I too, don't mind change. But I DO want to see something... new? Different? Not something safe, and this feels SAFE.
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