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Re: How does that blasted transporter work anyhow?

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By the way what is to stop random people from beaming into other people's bedrooms and toilets?
You mean literally into a toilet, what if the person hasn't flushed? Gross.

I believe that the transporter convert you from a material form, into a energy (energy-like) form. This is what is moved from place to place. I think the transporter has to actively hold you in this energy state, if it releases you, you automatically revert to a material state, like Kirk and party in That Which Survives and Tom Riker when the storm reflected him back to the outpost.

From Deela's comments in Wink of a Eye and Barkley's experiences, I think that you remain a conscious, aware, living being while in the energy state.

You could continue a conversation while beaming (TWOK), move around and materializing with your body in a different positions (lots of episodes), also the transporter can slightly reposition you to allow for differences in the surface you materialize on (uneven ground like Mudd's Women).

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