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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

This is supposed to be his "Swat mode"

Robocop 1.0: looks like the original suit, but is turned down, because in the script, a test study with criminals make fun of it and say it looks silly. They even sarcastically reference Eddie Yang(the guy who designed Iron Man in the movies).

Robocop 2.0: Looks similar to the 1.0 variation with minor tweeks, but his armor is tinted green.

Robocop 3.0: Is still similar to the others, but his armor is now black, and has a big OCP sign on its back.

Robocop 4.0: This suit can now change colors. It has a civilian mode that makes him look like a cop in a blue uniform. When he sense danger, he'll go into "intimidation mode", and his suit changes colors to all black and looks like a SWAT uniform.
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