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Re: 7X03 A Town Called Mercy (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Weakest ep of the series so far (as in S7, not the entire series ever!).

There were some nice ideas at work here, specifically the idea of Jex, I like what he said to the Doctor. I'm neither evil nor good and you don't know how to deal with it. Just a shame how it was handled.

Maybe it was the direction? Just seemed to lack a certain something, and the script felt like it could have used some work.

The town looked nice, but for a place with a population of 81, one can only assume most of them were hiding...

Seemed like bits were missing, and there were inconsistencies. the gunslinger turned up as soon as anyone crossed the line (I can really see what they tried to do there) yet Rory and the marshall seemed to get some distance away. Then the gunslinger doesn't shoot at them because they're innocent, then a few seconds later he starts shooting at them?

Rory seemed out of character, isn't he the one who's usually the conscience of the group? Seemed odd he'd be all for shoving the doctor to his death?

Also it seemed a bit of a waste of Browder, might have been better if he'd been the gunslinger .

On the plus side it was nice to see the show do a western, there was some nice dialogue and it was nice to see a villain who wasn't really a villain but I think I'll be watching Asylum and Dinos more often than this.

Still average Who is still better than an awful lot of stuff on telly.

Ps. Holdfast, yeah I thought The Hunted as well
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