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Re: Generations deleted scenes

Hey wait.

You say you had forgotten the shot until reading the article reminded you.

So your bringing up the shot should jog other people's memory, right?

You folks remember--the shot that shows the bridge crew being vaporized!

C'mon, people it can't be just one print in one theater where the Joker saw it!

Somebody else must have seen that shot.

You know what would be cool, a forum or place where there are tons of Star Trek fans who are almost obsessed with everything Trek and there we might find someone who saw the scene in question. Too bad that doesn't exist.

I'd rather be 'deleted scene fetishist' than imaginary scene inventor.

Can you reply to any post without use curse words?

"single tear on my butt', 'fuck', 'shitting myself'

What's the big deal? I don't believe you saw what you say you saw--that's it. Going hysterical won't make anybody else believe you.

And this 'single tear rolling down my butt'--

do you have any idea how pretentous it is to keep posting that? You are anonymous internet poster using ridiculous catch phrases. To what end? To impress people or sound cool?

I'm not the least bit angry--just got annoyed at yet another claim of someone seeing some alternate version of these movies. The first person claims tons of added deleted scenes, with finished effects being shown in theaters and then others claiming a line or shot here and there that are a lot harder to refute--except everyone here almost has seen these movies in the theater and never noticed any of this stuff.

I just think it would be great to have a discussion with people who aren't trying to one-up or pose as Joe Cool, catch phrases and all.

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