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Re: After 44 years Polaris finally has her backstory told (spoilers)

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I just went and read the comic.

not incredibly impressed.

She had a mental fit as a kid that killed her parents in a plane.

Fuck that.

Her boyfriends childhood origin plane ride was attacked by aliens where his parents were taken to another galaxy as slaves, and his unborn brother was ripped out of his mother by hand because it got in the way of her being a fantastically exotic sexslave.
The goal of the storyline was to tell a story that was simple and memorable for fans and so they could better understand the character not something convolted, complex and confusing. That had already been done with the whole Magneto telling her he is his daughter, no its really a robot pretending to be Magneto and possibly created by Magneto or not who was lying to her.

Sometimes more complex and exotic isn't better and this is one of those times. The story in fact has a real world feel to it given about 13% of fathers think they are the biologic dad of their kids, but really are not.

Lorna's messed up 60s origins story left the character as someone writers were loathed to use for the longest time other then as a girlfriend for Scott's brother so it really did damage as there was no core identity for the character. That was what this story was trying to build for Lorna I believe a core identity for her as a loney and very messed up person while further establishing her family ties to Magneto and his family that many fans and writers were reluctant to invest in without an actual origins story being told for her.
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