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Re: Ziyal is having more surgery

Sorry this is sort of old, but I didn't want to start a whole new thread.

The surgery went so smoothly. Plastic surgeon said he'd found a real mess inside. I had apparently produced way too much scar tissue, which meant that I wasn't getting enough circulation in those areas, and so on. He took the more conservative of two possible approaches to the surgery. He was pretty confident that that approach would do the trick, but, if it didn't, we'd have to go for the more radical version, which would mean a longer, more difficult recovery.

Well, for five weeks, everything went smoothly. Perfectly. Now I've had a setback, and I'm terrified that when I see him on Thursday he's going to say that it's not working and we have to go to plan B.

Today is 18 months since the original surgery. Does this shit ever end?
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