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Re: Best and worst comic book movies

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That film was gawdawful, despite being, on the surface, well made. Is it realistic or isn't? All that overly-layered narrative crap and overediting doesn't disguise the fact the story underneath it all is shallow, paper-thin and a total cliche. What makes it the worst is that it tries to pass it off as being as good as its predecessors, but is far removed from either of them.
I agree, Dark Knight Rises was a complete disappointment, unlike the two before it. Bruce Wayne's broken back is fixed by a karate chop... and this is supposed to be a realistic batman movie? Ugh. That wouldn't have even worked in the 60s tv show.

Personally my favorite comic book movie is probably Blade. Wesley Snipes IS Blade. It's also extremely violent and R rated, which is not only rare among comic book movies, but rare at all these days. I think both of the blade sequels suck, though. Well, the second one is okay, but the third one is awful.
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