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Played some of it last night. Very good work overall. Easily some of the best work I've seen in a fan-made mod. A few things did bother me though, mostly minor audio stuff like the pistol firing sound not being quite right, the voice actor impersonating Eli Vance sounding way off (though he does a fine job on Kleiner and the security guards) and for some reason the crowbar doesn't *feel* right somehow. Like I said though, minor stuff.

Yeah, they've really done an amazing job. I even enjoy the deviations from the original game, throwing surprises our way when we think we know the game. They seem to have taken a similar approach to the Goldeneye remake, in designing something that at its core is the same game, but changes made to it to take advantage of more modern design methods and to make things look more realistic.

You're right about the crowbar. It doesn't "feel" heavy. It doesn't have that satisfying *thwack*. Also, the one thing that I really was annoyed with in the original game was the crouch-jump, which thankfully they removed in HL2, but I guess the designers felt it wouldn't be complete without the crouch-jump because it's back here. I've always felt it was really cumbersome.

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