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Re: 100 Year Starship Management group picked

This is a good site for options:

Smoother than the nuclear pulse orion concept is the Nuclear Salt Water Rocket

Its fringe-worthy--but look how well it does with a 90% solution on this graph:

Best yet: The advantage of NSWR is that this is the only known propulsion system that combines high exhaust velocity with high thrust.

Thrust 13,000,000 newtons with 4,700,000 m/s exhaust velocity--a one two punch!

NTR DUMBO looks more do-able

This would provide 3,500,000 newtons thrust

Now imagine you use that in place of a Centaur upper stage, and have AIMSTAR as a payload:

This would provide 598,000 m/s exhaust velocity. This alone would allow a trip to 10,000 AU in 50 years. Couple this with DUMBO NTR to get most of its useful life extra-solar--NOW you have a souped up New Horizons.
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