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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

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I actually liked that development. Even before that was revealed, I thought it would have been nice if they discovered that the stargates were built by humans from Atlantis.
I hated that they were a different species from Humans, but just happened to be identical in nearly every conceivable way. The whole "second evolution" was just dumb. Humans from Atlantis, a civilization on and from Earth, yes. A different alien race that was also human (or whatever the convoluted backstory was), no. And, honestly, I would much rather they be a truly alien species with Earth just benefiting from what they had accomplished. But then, I hate the whole "humans are actually aliens" and "humans can't accomplish anything on their own, they're the stupid rednecks of the universe" cliches that plagues sci-fi.

Honestly, the movie did a lot right. Humans originating on Earth and then shipped off to alien worlds as slave labor. Language barriers. Stargates that required coordinates to work properly, rather than operating as a universal telephone. An alien that actually came across as alien and formidable, rather than just a bad actor wearing funny clothes. etc.

The language barrier would be easy to handle. It would just require a Jackson-style linguist who struggles to learn what was considered to be a dead language during the first few episodes, but quickly adapts to the new dialects as the series progresses. They could even eventually come across some kind of alien device to aid the rest of the team as the novelty begins to wear off, or even just have them learn the language themselves. The aliens would still speak an alien language, but for all intents and purposes it'd be English for the audience. No different than when movies featuring German or other foreign tongues shift from subtitles to English for the audience's benefit.

The stargate dialing would be the main reversal I'd make, though. The first season or so would have the team struggle to figure out how to dial back, but it would become easier and easier as time went on. Mostly because they'd come to understand more about how the system works, how to use the gate itself to determine where they are relative to Earth, and/or with all the complicated maths involved becoming almost second nature to them. Again, they could find some kind of navigational device to help them figure out where in the galaxy they were in order to assist with the dialing procedure. Tons of opportunity for stories there alone.

I'd also want to make sure that any FTL capabilities that existed in the show were painfully slow. It would take weeks, if not months, to travel from system to system, and months if not years to assemble a fleet. There'd be a reason everyone would want to get their hands on the stargates, and not just because it would be a small convenience compared to just flying wherever they want to go.

Finally, I'd get rid of the Asgard. At least as the guardians of Earth as they were originally presented. If the Ghouls (another concept I'd abolish; it was painful seeing the series trying to imply that the ghouls, wraiths, and other bogeymen of myth and legend were these alien species, but never actually going there) were intimidated enough by the Asgard to leave a powerhouse planet like Earth alone, why would the Asgard just stop there? Especially when Earth wasn't even the actual home of the Ancients, which was the whole point of their guardianship.

Oh, and a final finally: I'd get rid of nearly everyone who worked on the old franchise behind the scenes. It needs fresh blood more than anything else.
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