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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Halliwell, I'm sorry for your losses. I lost my father just a couple of years ago. But that shows how different people can be affected in different ways. My loss made me less willing to see a story in which a fictional character was resurrected, because I think that's usually a copout. In real life we don't get back the people we lose, and I'd rather see fiction that copes with the reality of loss. Of course there can be exceptions, and I think Kirsten did a good job with the story she told. But I never would've agreed to write such a story myself, because that's just not a place I can get to emotionally, not when I have to deal with the irreversible reality of death in my own recent experience.

So I wish you could understand that I have no desire to attack you. We have no reason to be at odds over this. Since we've both suffered personal loss in real life, we should both understand how truly insignificant it is to "lose" a fictional character and how pointless it is to create animosity and hostility over it. Unfortunately, you're determined to perceive this as some fierce ideological battle, and that's making it impossible to have a reasonable conversation with you about it. And that's just sad -- far sadder than anyone's decision not to read a book.
I have no desire to attack you either. And as much as I've dealt with death the last three years I still have my parents, though in all probability they won't be around for a long time. So I do sympathize with your loss.

I've been thinking about this Bring Back Janeway versus Leave Janeway dead debate/fight/argument a bit today and I realize that my arguments could be considered ideological. That the label of a fanatic to my BBKJ commrads and I may be earned. Indeed we are passionate about Kathryn Janeway.

Here's the thing and I'll leave it alone and be done with it. Because I appreciate your words above. The whole reason I got involved with BBKJ a year or so ago is because I saw that they were being treated harshly and unfairly. And the reason why that I say harshly and unfairly is this: they are called fanatics. Aren't we all, as Star Trek fans, yourself included, a fanatic? No one who puts the kinds of details like the ones you do in your books could be considered anything other than what the outside world would call fanatical. And I say this with respect: I would say your are more fanatical than other writers in the Trek kingdom because your novels offer a passionate love for Trek in ways the others don't most of the time.

Here's how I choose what to read or re-read on any given day. If I want rip roaring fun and edge of the seat kind of writing, I go pull out a David Mack book. If I want to be pulled at the heart strings I go to Kirstin Beyer. And when I want to have the fan-boy in me fed I to to a Christopher Bennett novel. These three authors are the ones I love the most because they help fuel the kinds of moods I want to be in when I want some good Trek.

My whole thing with you is that while you may be right in the details your wrong in the execution. Should people boycott books because they don't have a character they want in it? That's not for me to say. That is something their own heart has to dictate. But I remember when I was little all the hype over Spock being killed and the threats of a boycott back in 81. And I remember hearing from Nick Meyers own words about how he disagreed with the choice to leave Spock's tube at the end of Khan without his approval. But what he didn't do was beat people over the head claiming over and over again that he was right and Harve Bennett was wrong and why death should not be cheated. On the contrary he states his opinions and when they needed help writing Star Trek 4 he did it. And when he was asked to help write and direct Star Trek 6 he did it. And while he may have been right, either objectively or creatively, that didn't make Harve Bennett wrong.

That was my point last night. You, me, all of trek fans are fanatical and a bit anal when it comes to Trek. I just feel that if the BBKJ folks wanted to boycott books until Kathryn Janeway's return then that's their prerogative. And if, right or wrong, the boycott's and the fight to bring Janeway back DID result in the editors change of heart to bring her back then congratulate them and be happy for them. But if what they did really DID NOT bring back Janeway, as someone who loves Star Trek as much as you do then you should still congratulate them because a character love has returned. Telling one group of fans they are right or wrong about Star Trek is what makes the world look at us all like the Trekkies we are. You included. A bit touched in the head.

Kathryn Janeway did not just return but she returned in a damned fine book called Eternal Tide.
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