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Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...

I agree with all the good things said about Duet - it is flat out one of the best of all of Star Trek. I could wax long on duet...but there more episodes to watch.

"The Homecoming"

I think the crew and the cast have there feet more firmly planted now in season 2, and it gets good quickly. Though it is funny, the purple haired trader woman who gives the Ear-ring to Quark, I thought she was hot stuff back in the day. Now she looks like a transvestite.

As for the more serious notes, This is a very strong start to the second season. Li is a unique character as he does not want to be the hero. And him telling the REAL story is fun to hear.

And suddenly, you wonder, is Kira being written off?

6.5 out of 10

"The Circle"

the writing of DS9 is much stronger, and this shows with the interaction in Kira quarters as people are coming in, followed by our fave Bajorian Holy man.

then the rest of the episode is stuff falling apart, and Kira orb moment. "What type of blasphemy is this" is cute, as it is used later. Also you can see that the military has little support for the current government.

7.5 out of ten

"The Siege"

Finishing off the triple Bajorian episodes, and a lot of things are going on. Most likely rushed by Star Trek Standards, and "normal" for today's TV. I still laugh at the "Spider" bit on the moon. And Winn steals the show as a wonderfully "love to hate" person. But you have the crew leaving the station, a battle for DS9, Kira and Dax's adventure in old flying technology, and so on. Lots of fun stuff, and then one of the better (so far) guest stars is killed off.

8.5 out of 10.

"Circle Trilogy"

The first three part of DS9 (And i thnk of Trek) it is one of the strongest Bajorian storylines they created. I happen to think of it as a very good if slightly forgotten storytelling of DS9, as it gets overshadowed by later concepts.

"Invasive Procedures"

Another Dax Episode, and its not the strongest. Though it is fun that the "alien girl" still keeps her eyebrows, which helps her looks for sure. That and she beats Kira with a one on one fight, which is rare. The other Trill in his unjoined state is a bit annoying. Though the actor gets to show his chops once he is Dax.

Still, its not a super-strong episode, but its not a bad episode.

5.5 out of 10
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