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Re: USS Galactica in Star Trek

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What if the Galactica was a Galaxy Class Starship, imagine the same sort of characters in BSG as the crew of a Federation ship, starting with Bill Adama as captain, what would the other crew positions for significant characters be in the Star Trek World, and how would Kara Thrace and Lee Adama fit in? Would they be shuttle pilots or something else?
To be frank, that would be a little bit like giving the characters of Deadwood or The Sopranos their own starship. It simply wouldn't happen in the (non-MU) Federation as we know it, bar some crazy facilitating event like a Laura Roslin gaining power and authorising it.

The NuBSG colonial military is, in my opinion, conceptually descended from RDM's take on the Klingon Empire. They've eschewed progress, seemingly letting an atavistic culture of violence and honour take hold. The decisions they make suggest that a violent death is to be in some way coveted, perhaps as a means of reaching the fields of Elysium. Altruism, reason and philanthropy are to be distrusted and even abominated, as they repeatedly demonstrate in their approach to certain characters.

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In fact all the crew does a lot of drinking, now that I mention it, and a Chief Medical officer who smokes in front of his patients, seems this would be a most unusual starship in the fleet.
Well, the 23rd Century did have at least one somewhat curmudgeonly sawbones of its own.

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We got to make Number Six a crew member too, she would be a tall female version of commander Data with her emotion chip intact. Can you picture this?
Number Six would also need her ethical subroutines enabled, as would Athena . Sharon, on the other hand, would fit right in with minor adjustments if any.

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USS Galactica:

That's highly impressive, though it reminds me more of The Beast (Pegasus) than The Bucket (Galactica).
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