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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

Okay, I've been thinking about casting for the new series.

To reprise the many SG team leaders, it needs someone with intensity and presence, and an ability to do great action scenes, so Tom Cruise.

For the Daniel Jackson, Rodney McKay type character, Leonardo De Caprio.

For the big, tough alien (Te'alc or Ronon Dex) I'm going with "The Rock"

For the female SG team member, I'm going with Angelina Jolie.

The general in charge of the SGC is Tom Hanks, and he reports to the head of the Joint Chiefs played by Robert De Niro.

The base doctor is Sandra Bullock, assisted by Camron Diaz.

The aging President will be Harrison Ford, and Meryl Streep plays the Vice President.

Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Mark Wahlberg will play Goa'uld system lords.

Will Smith is a federal agent.

I think a budget of $50 million an episode will cover this.
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