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Re: Does the Federation still exist in the 31+th century?

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Enterprise in TOS? Really? In the scenes showing it coming apart at the seams?
Is it supposed to have anything in common with the spheres - and their flawless functioning (no sign of distress whatsoever) in creating very fast modified space - beyond being technology?
Exterior shots of the Enterprise exceeding top speeds also showed no distress. Less change than we saw on the spheres (the glowing, which could indicate overheating). You're dismissing a possibility despite incomplete data.
I give you quotes and evidence from episodes to back up what I say
The quotes you gave only show that the 22rd century spheres were a timestream modification - which propagates only slowly toward the future..
Have you shown any basis for your beliefs? Any quotes from episodes? Anything to back it up, beyond your "better" judgement and opinion of Daniels' infallability? Have you any examples from other Star Trek episodes or movies where similar changes to the timeline ultimately made no difference? Because you seem awfully sure of yourself, and all I've heard is "The Battle of Procyon V will happen and the Sphere Builders will undo their failure in 2153 somehow with technology" over and over.
My far more self-consistent explanation assumes the former fact - and has no problem whatsoever with the latter.
I give various other possible explanations
You give no such thing "beyond hand-wavings and a ~'so what if it's inconsistent - it's time travel in a tv show'". And really out there motivations for Daniels.
You still omitted to address the many inconsistencies inherent in the 'Procyon 5 timeline doesn't exist anymore' idea.
And your opinion that they will somehow get the expanse back in the intervening 400 years, possibly by advancing their technology, even though it took thousands of years to make it the first time, isn't a handwave? When the Sphere Builders already had access to future technology, some of which they'd shared with the Xindi to build their weapon? (see: Quantum dating of the debris in "The Expanse")
A, yes - and after I've called you out on it, all you could do is ignore all I've said and pretend I said instead "I'M RIGHT AND YOU'RE WRONG over and over".
Obvious staw-man is obvious, KingDaniel.
Obvious unpleasentness is obvious.
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