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Re: The recycled footage of BOP exploding in Generations

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EVERY TIME I watch Generations, I got so annoyed at the recycled footage of the BOP exploding taken from TUC.
Do you have the same problem with The Wrath of Khan since it reuses several model shots from The Motion Picture?

Fun fact: Movies 2-7 reuse at least one model shot from the movie that came before it. In fact one shot gets reused for three consecutive movies.
I don't have a problem with TWOK reusing TMP footage, because we get a badass nebula cat and mouse game involving the Enterprise and the Reliant. So, instead of new footage of the Enterprise creeping away from Earth, we get beautiful NEW footage for the finale of the Enterprise warping away from the exploding Mutara Nebula and the birth of the Genesis planet. There's a reason for this. They recycled the footage to save money and get us a kickass finale.

We get no shots like this in Generations (well, except for the D crashing on Veridian IV) All the "glory" shots of the Enterprise-D throughout the movie may as well have been recycled from TNG.
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