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@op, For me? Not really.

Amanda Rogers would still have been brought back with a few lines only to die ignominiously.
Eden's mystery origins would have still had an abrupt and horrible end(I thought everything about the o-continuum silly)
The reason for janeway's [brief] return would still have been poor, and the way (with kes) would still have felt hammy.
The characters I've enjoyed reading in the previous books would still have been little more then bit parts here(and I know I often have the reverse opinion when it comes to the enterprise e, but I actually like the original voy characters, in point of fact moreso then any tv voy character save the doctor. * le shrug*).

Although I hate the character Janeway became after eps like tuvix & endgame, I'd pretty much steeled myself for her return here - the problem was I didn't really like the rest of the book anyway
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