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Re: Generations deleted scenes

You thnk saying you'd "bet your life on it" will change anybody's mind?
The Mod tries to bail you out by stating that you probably mis-remembered and others have said the same and you counter with "it's so true I'd bet my life on it" ?? Even though the Nemesis 'bootleg' you claim you saw very recently couldn't be a case of mis-remembering something from years/decades ago.

Any intelligent person knows what is up here and it's not another theatrical version of various Trek movies being show in cinema back in the day--that only YOU, among all the Trek fanatics here, saw.
You can't pull this stuff here--there are way too many informed people to get away with it.

But, I do look forward to your third thread involving 'versions of Trek movies only you have seen in the theater. It's makes for stimulating conversation.

Now go read your novels and scripts and check out the deleted scenes sections of DVDs and then make a list of how you saw those scenes in the theatrical cut back in the day.
I'm so jealous of what you have been lucky enough to see!
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